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Spring Gathering - March 8, 2014

Helen and Jan with SWO Board Rep Elaine; Pastor Winkler; Darlene Wolfson

Forty women met at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Orange City for the Flagler/Volusia Conference Spring Gathering. The Rev. Dr. Mark Winkler, the new (since January) pastor at Emmaus, opened the gathering with communion service. Darlene Wolfson, director of the Domestic Abuse Council of Volusia County spoke on domestic abuse, their services, and how we can help. The women did help by becoming better informed, bringing in-kind kits, and taking an offering for the DAC.

The Bible Study led by Joan Fisher and Laura Wickett sparked lively discussion. The Romans 12 reading was divided into sections with poignant questions. The women considered these questions in small groups.

For business, the Triennial promoter and the SWO Board Representative  were both on the agenda.  A new secretary Jan Alexander was elected.  Helen Brown continues as vice-president.