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Enclosed (or attached) you will find a poster advertising this year’s Spring Gathering.  The photo is in color, so, if possible, please print on a color printer as many copies as you wish and post or hand them out.
You can see that the theme is “Welcome One Another.” Our Bible study, presentations, and activities will have this emphasis.  We may do a little business, too (see Conference Leaders below).
St. Mark Lutheran Church is on the north side of Curlew Road west of U.S. Highway 19.  There is plenty of parking in front of the church and school.  Enter through the church office door.  Watch for a sign at this entrance.  All of our activities will be held in the church hall. 
An offering will be given.  This offering goes directly to the Florida-Bahamas SWO.  Forty-five percent is used to cover the expenses of the Conference presidents who attended the February planning meeting and of Board members who attend each of the Spring Gatherings around the state and fifty-five percent goes to the Women of the ELCA for their ongoing expenses and ministries.
I hope to see representatives from all of the active congregational units in the Suncoast.  And it would be great to have at least one rep from the inactive units.  Women from the Tampa Conference are also being invited.  This is your chance to get to know other Women of the ELCA and learn what they are doing in their churches and units.   It’s also your chance to brag about successful events and ministries at your church.
Please see the poster for cost and more details.
I will be meeting with Connie Feig, Unit President at St. Mark, next week.  More details may be forthcoming after that planning meeting.  If you have questions now, contact me.
We will be electing a Conference President and Conference Vice President for two year terms. 
The Conference President organizes and chairs the annual Spring Gathering, relays information from the Florida-Bahamas Synodical Women’s Organization and Women of the ELCA to the leaders of the units, maintains the roster of unit presidents in the Suncoast Conference/WELCA, attends a meeting of the SWO Board in January or February to plan the Spring Gatherings, and coordinates volunteers for whatever responsibilities the Conference has at the annual SWO Fall Gathering. 
The Conference Vice President ensures that there is a Bible study at each Spring Gathering, assists the Conference President, and fills in for the Conference President, if needed.
Can you or another women in your unit serve the Suncoast Conference in this way?  Please prayerfully consider and come to the Spring Gathering prepared to take this next step to not only learn more about the work of the Women of the ELCA but share your skills and talents.
LOVE OFFERING MINISTRY.  Beginning February 1, all Love Offerings will be directed to the Love Offering Ministry we will be supporting in 2019 and 2010:  C.A.L.M. Organization (Crisis Aid for Littles and Moms).  Please see the SWO website ( or the organization’s website ( for more details.
2019 FALL GATHERING.  A theme has been chosen for the 2019 Fall Gathering:  “Come to the Table.”  Dates are November 8-10 and the location is Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, Leesburg.  Costs for 2 nights, 6 meals, registration, and insurance are $214.  Registration forms will be available as early as this spring on the SWO’s website ( 
2019 DUES.  Thanks to Hope, St. Petersburg and Good Shepherd, Seminole for contributing 2019 dues early in the year.  If your unit included this in your budget, please ask your unit treasurer to send a $10 check payable to Sharon Koelsch to me.  (In the alternative, send this check to the Spring Gathering with your attendees.)  This year these funds will be used to cover the cost of photocopying and mailings, including handouts from the Spring Gathering to units which were not able to send representatives.  My thanks in advance for your prompt response to this request!!!
Sharon Koelsch                    6251 Shoreline Drive, #2302
President                               St. Petersburg, FL  33708
Suncoast Conference            727-393-2130
Women of the ELCA  




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