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   I am attaching a copy of this memo in Microsoft Word if you want to print an original as some of the indents look weird in the memo below. The Word version is at the bottom of the page.  SSK

To:       Unit Presidents and contact persons in the Suncoast Conference
            Stacy Magee, Conference Vice President
            Lynn Reese, SWO Conference Coordinator
            Elaine Heine, SWO Webmaster
From:   Sharon Koelsch, President, Suncoast Conference, WELCA
Re:       2017 Fall Gathering follow-up and other news
Date:   12/27/17
2017 FL-BA SWO Fall Gathering
I knew if I waited long enough, I’d only have to write a short summary.  The December 2017 issue of “Tapestry” contains lots and lots of info about the Fall Gathering, including who was elected, what happened, offerings given, and even includes photos.  You can access the newsletter on the FL-BA SWO’s website:
So, I’ll only share what the ladies of the Suncoast Conference did.  There were 21 registered, representing 7 units, and I think almost everybody came to our gathering on Friday evening.  Hope, St. Petersburg invited everybody to their annual Advent by Candlelight on December 3 which I realize is long past, but you’ll want to remember this for next year. 
Those units which had representatives provided snacks and beverages for the Hospitality Room on Friday afternoon and evening.  We had a wide range of choices, including some that were actually healthy.  The 17 teens took great advantage!
During the Reformation Fair on Saturday evening, we provided a respite from the hilarity and games at other tables by making two “coloring” opportunities available:  The Luther Rose and a Psychedelic Luther.  Quite a few women and a few teens sat at our table and used their imaginations to complete their pictures.
Pat Shipley, Hope, St. Petersburg, was elected to the FL-BA SWO Executive Board for a two-year term.  Congratulations Pat!
Don’t forget, we will continue to support Golden Rainbow Ranch, Brooksville, with our Love Offerings during 2018.
FL-BA SWO Treasurer Has Moved!
Ann English’s new address was shared several times at the Fall Gathering.  Please be sure your unit treasurer sends checks to
                                    Ann English
                                    12060 Sonnet Avenue
                                    Orlando, FL  32832
Ann’s phone number is 954-612-0147.

2018 Spring Gathering:
I hope you’ve put this date on your new 2018 calendar.  Our Spring Gathering will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at Hope, St. Petersburg.  I will attend the FL-BA SWO Executive Board meeting from January 26-28 at which time a theme and scripture will be chosen.  After that, I’ll be meeting with the ladies at Hope to finalize plans.  We’ll be electing a conference secretary for a two-year term as Pat Shipley cannot serve on the conference and synodical levels at the same time.  Hope has hosted us before and always does a terrific job!  Watch for more info about this event later in the winter.
Money Matters:
Our expenses for the FL-BA SWO Fall Gathering (tablecloths, napkins, cups, serving bowls and trays for the Hospitality Room and markers and photocopies for our table at the Reformation Fair) were $23.59.  This amount was deducted from our “treasury” leaving $24.83.  If your unit has budgeted “dues” of $10 for the Suncoast Conference in 2018, please ask your treasurer to prepare a check to Sharon Koelsch in the new year and mail it to 6251 Shoreline Drive, Unit 2302, St. Petersburg, FL 33708.  (This is a different address from the one she used last year, so be sure to tell her.)  We’ll have expenses for the 2018 Spring Gathering early in the year and, no doubt, expenses for the 2018 FL-BA SWO Fall Gathering later in the year.  Thank you in advance!
I hope your Christmas was merry and bright!  While I’m hoping that 2018 will be a lot less hectic for me than 2017 was (did I mention I moved into a condo in May and was elected president of the condo association in November?!), I hope your new year will be interesting and exciting!
Sharon Koelsch                                                    6251 Shoreline Drive
President                                                                Unit 2302
Suncoast Conference                                         St. Petersburg, FL  33708
Women of the ELCA                                          (H) 727-393-2130



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Elaine Heine,
Nov 14, 2016, 1:25 PM
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