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2014 Resolutions

Prince of Peace in Largo offered a resolution on the Bishop’s School in Region 9 at Lutheran Southern Theological Seminary that offers a summer resident seminary educational experience for Lutheran senior high youth to encourage, equip, and inspire them to ministry in their daily life. Be it resolved that: The Florida-Bahamas Synodical Women’s Organization prayerfully encourages the Women of the ELCA, as Congregational Units and individuals, to promote the Bishop’s School scholarship program and to provide scholarship funding for this meaningful program.

Read the entire resolution below. Also read the courtesy resolution thanking those who made Fall Gathering a wonderful experience.


Consider writing a resolution for 2015.


Are there issues your congregational unit would like brought before the voting members in business sessions of the Florida Bahamas SWO? You can do it!


How do you write RESOLUTIONS?

The SWO Fall Gathering is held at Lake Yale, November 14-16, 2014. It is not too early to start thinking of resolutions. Resolution forms were included in gathering mailings and  they are available below.

Complete a form and mail or email it to Tina McCloud, 1746 63rd Terrace South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 or mccloudac@yahoo.com

All resolutions will be reviewed by the resolutions committee before they are presented to the voting members for action.


How can a resolution help?

Resolutions are a means for congregational units and voting members to introduce issues that they wish to have addressed by the convention and some form of action taken. For example -- conservation of water, recycling, care of our bodies, personal spiritual renewal, and concern for abused children, etc.


The format includes several “WHEREAS clauses to describe the issue, concern, problem.


Following the “WHEREAS clauses, RESOLVED clauses clearly state the proposed solution and define requested action.


Three parts:


The TOPIC - issue, concern, problem


WHY - WHEREAS clauses


HOW - RESOLVED clauses

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