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Share the Spirit

Share the Spirit and Let Your Light Shine

SAVE THE DATE for the Florida-Bahamas Synodical Women’s Organization Fall Gathering in Lake Yale on November  8 - 10, 2019. Now is the time to start saving so you can attend. It is a bargain for $214 for a weekend. We know that many expenses in each of our day to day lives have increased.  Due to this fact, we expect that more of you may be requesting Share the Spirit and Let Your Light Shine funds.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider and boldly to act upon. 


First, if possible, we encourage you or your unit to donate directly to the Share the Spirit and Let Your Light Shine funds to make more funds available to help your sisters who need assistance.  Maybe you can collect a special offering in your unit.  Or maybe women who have shared the Fall Gathering experience but are now physically unable to attend might want to donate a small sum to allow others to enjoy the event.  These donations from across the synod will be such a benefit to women with limited funds.  Send your donations identified as Share the Spirit to:


SWO Treasurer 

Laurie Nelson

22223 Buffalo Ave

Port Charlotte, FL 33952


Secondly, your congregation might consider offering a full or partial scholarship to someone in your congregation.  The recipient(s) could be determined by your unit board or president.


Lastly, no monetary contributions are required for a woman to receive a Share the Spirit or Let Your Light Shine grant.  However, applicants are encouraged to seek support from their congregational unit and from other sponsors as well as including a personal contribution if possible.  We encourage women that are wishing to receive Share the Spirit or Let your Light Shine grant to start working through this process now. 

You can be ready with your Share the Spirit or Let Your Light Shine application and sponsorship completed and ready to submit with the Registration packet to the Registrar when registration opens.  The sooner the better because Share the Spirit and Let Your Light Shine funds are on a first come-first serve and limited basis. Currently there is over $1000 available. 


The success of this grant program is in your hands.  We ask all of you to prayerfully consider our requests.  Joining your sisters in fellowship, fun, and spirituality is a wonderful opportunity that we as sisters in Christ want all to be able to share.
The Share the Spirit application is attached below as is this information in the "info" attachment. Just download with the arrow to the far right.

We encourage you to bring your young women ages 6th Grade thru College to this gathering. The cost for the weekend is $169 and if you are a returning youth and bring a first time attendee with you a $20 discount will be deducted from your fees.  Just make sure you let the Registrar know.  The special scholarship for: Let Your Light Shine is listed below.  It can be downloaded by using the arrow to the far right. 

Ann English and Phyllis Wade
Fall Gathering Co-Chairs Planning Committee

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