Love Offering

Golden Rainbow Ranch

14412 Snow Memorial Highway

Brooksville, FL 34601

At our Fall Gathering, Rainbow Golden Ranch, our current Love Offering for 2017-2019 chosen by our synodical board during the summer meeting of was introduced to our participants by Ali and David Baylor at Fall Gathering 2016. Again Ali gave a presentation on Saturday at Fall Gathering 2017. They will continue as our Love Offering thru 2018 and Jan. 2019.See their current list of needed items below. 

Check their website above to become acquainted with the programs.

Mission Statement

Golden Rainbow Ranch allows families in Central Florida to connect with and appreciate all living things, from snakes to baby chicks to wildflowers, by getting toknow all the animals and plants at our ten acre sanctuary in Brooksville, Florida. We provide families with Ecotherapy and environmental education, while teaching everyone to slow down, be present, and appreciate God's amazing creations.


This ministry is provided by many volunteers and the love of God’s creation exhibited by the Baylor’s and the story of their faith and the cure of cancer from David who decided to use this new life to help others in a very special way, using God’s creative environments.


Ali Taylor, executive director of Golden Rainbow Ranch has suggested the following in-kind gifts. 

Golden Rainbow Ranch is our Love Offering Recipient until Jan 31, 2019.  Here is our updated in kind list for them.


-          Black /silver Sharpies- fine/extra fine points

-          Hard rubber brayers – any size

-          Hand sanitizer- especially small pocket size

-          Mulch

-          Toilet paper

-          Paper towels

-          Dawn dishwashing soap (liquid)

-          Empty gallon or larger sturdy containers ( gallon water jugs, etc)

-          Rakes

-          Kitchen garbage bags

-          Dry cat food- any kind

-          Wet canned cat food- little ones- any kind

-          Dry rabbit food- any kind

-          Timothy hay

-          Sunflower seeds- solid black

-          Birdseed

-          Pine shavings

-          Plant pots

-          Clorox or Lysol wipes

-          Colored duct tape, masking tape

-          Used tennis balls

-          Knox unflavored gelatin packets

-     Scotch tape rolls ( invisible)

It’s Time for Love Offering Applications

The deadline is approaching.  Selection of an organization as the Love Offering Recipient for  February 1, 2019 through January 31, 2021 will occur at the August meeting of the FL-BA Synodical Women’s Organization Board.  Organizations can be nominated by any member of an active congregational unit  within the FL-BA SWO.  The organization chosen receives monetary offerings and supplies from many congregational units to support their ministry.  An important part of choosing the biennial Love Offering Recipient is the question on the application that asks “What is unique about your organization and why should we choose you as our Love Offering Focus?”  Be sure this question is emphasized. For an application to provide to an organization that you support download the application below or contact board member Debra Lantz at or 727-536-9852.  The deadline for receiving applications is July 15.  Applications, references and supporting documentation

Contact information for the Love Offering:
Debra Lantz
14980 Newport Rd
Clearwater, FL 33764

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Elaine Heine,
Nov 25, 2017, 5:57 PM
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