Eleventh Triennial Gathering of Women of the ELCA

 and Convention

The Eleventh Triennial Convention of Women of the ELCA will be held July 14-16, 2020, in Phoenix, Arizona followed by the Eleventh Triennial Gathering of Women of the ELCA to be held in Phoenix, Arizona on July 16-19, 2020. The triennial convention is the highest legislative authority within the organization.

The following ladies have been elected to serve as our Voting Members at the 2020 WELCA Triennial Con-vention in Phoenix: Gayle Backiel - Denise Beumer - Lisa Klima - Debra Lantz - Diane Spic-er. In addition, the SWO President to be elected at our Fall Gathering in 2019 will attend. These ladies will be proudly representing the Florida Bahamas SWO as they serve alongside voting members from our 64 other Synods doing the work of the National WELCA.

Congratulations to all of you! 

What is the difference between the Triennial Convention and Triennial Gathering?

The convention and the gathering are two distinct events.  The convention will precede the gathering and conducts the business of the organization.   Our voting members will be elected at the Fall Gathering in 2018.  Triennial Voting Members were elected at Fall Gathering 2018. They are Denise Beumer, Gayle Backiel, Debra Lantz, Diane Spicer, and Lisa Klima. The gathering is an event that consists of worship, Bible studies, workshops and so much more. 

What is a Voting Member?


Voting members will conduct the business of the Churchwide Organization including elections on the National Board and Officers.  Each Synodical Women’s Organization is able to send a set number of voting members (determined by the Churchwide Organization) to the Convention. We have elected 5 voting members

What does it cost to attend the Triennial Gathering?

Triennial Gathering is open to all women

  • Expenses for the gathering include:
  •  Registration - Some of you may have registered already in Minneapolis or through early registration which ended on December 31, 2017.  If you didn’t, watch for details on pre-registration coming later this year.
  •   Travel expenses - round-trip to Phoenix
  • Hotel 
  • Food
  • Other expenses would include any site-seeing trips prior to or following the gathering
  •   Mad money
Start saving now for this wonderful experience. Check out the subpages below to see what the previous gatherings were like.


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