If you’re planning on attending the Triennial Gathering, .   Adult registration $350.  Programming will also be offered for young ladies between the ages of 13-18 and will cost $150. Childcare will also be available for children under the age of 13; please request information for this when you register. Register at or email for a registration packet.   Review the registration booklet carefully as there are many activities that are available but for many there is a cost and that will need to be paid when you register.  Determine what activities you want to participate in before making your travel arrangements as some are prior to the Gathering and others follow the Gathering.  There are also opportunities to volunteer including singing in the choir.

Check the registration book and TG web site for information regarding the Quilt Challenge, Community In-Kind Gifts and Finger Labyrinths (patterns and more information are available at  For the Tenth Triennial in Minneapolis, each participant will receive a Finger Labyrinth.  The Triennial organizers are hoping that many of you will join in their creation.

Lands End has several items available for purchase such as totes and shirts with the Triennial logo that are available on the Triennial Gathering web site. You may want to purchase those to wear.

This will be a special TG since it falls during the observance of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. 

Some highlights of the 2017 Triennial:

  • Leymah Gbowee who is a Liberian Peace Activist will be the Keynote Speaker; she was the Nobel Peace Prize Recipient in 2011.

  • Many workshops to choose from

  • Vonda Drees will be the artist in residence for TG 2017.

  • Quilt challenge - check the TG web site for additional information

Prepare yourself or share with your unit  by downloading coloring devotions from the TG website that will deepen your understanding of the All Anew theme and its accompanying verses. 


Triennial Voting Members were also elected at the 2015 Fall Gathering and will represent us at the Triennial Convention in 2017.  They were Denise Beumer, Mirim Kim, Ann English and Lisa Klima. Many more will be attending as participants. Will you?


The Minneapolis/St. Paul area has a wealth of things to see and do.  Attached is a listing of some of the many activities in this area. 

These pictures were taken in Minneapolis - where, what do you think they are?   


Please contact me if you have any additional questions.  I also need to know once you have registered to attend the Gathering so I can keep you posted of any changes. 


Please contact me if you have any additional questions. 

Diane Spicer, Triennial Gathering Promoter,


Questions that you may have but didn’t know who to ask:


      What is the difference between the Triennial Convention and Triennial Gathering?

  •           The convention and the gathering are two distinct events. The convention will precede the gathering and conducts the business of the organization.  The Synodical Women’s Organizations elect Triennial Voting Members to attend the convention. Our Triennial Voting Members were elected at Fall Gathering 2015 and will represent us at the Triennial Convention in 2017.  They were Denise Beumer, Mirim Kim, Ann English and Lisa Klima.

    • The gathering is an event that consists of worship, Bible studies, workshops and so much more. 

  •   What does it cost to attend the Triennial Gathering?

              Expenses for the gathering include:

      • Registration
      • Travel expenses - round-trip to Minneapolis.
      • Hotel stay

      • Food

      • Other expenses would include any site-seeing trips prior to the gathering or following it

      • Mad money

Start planning now and saving so that you will be ready as expenses occur. 

Diane Spicer, Triennial Promoter says,
"Join me in Minneapolis
for the Triennial 2017."



Please contact me with any questions that you may have.


Diane Spicer - 2017 Triennial Promoter or 772-871-7077

Below is a TG (Triennial Gathering) poster you can download with the arrow to the far right of it. Print it to share with your congregation. Remember all women not just those in circles are invited to come.

Continue reading about Triennial 2014 to see why you should go in 2017.

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