The Eleventh Triennial Convention scheduled for July 14-16, 2020, in Phoenix, Arizona, is being rescheduled for August 3-5, 2021. And the 2020 “Just Love” Gathering, scheduled for July 16-19, 2020, is being rescheduled for August 5-8, 2021. 

With no COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, the Women of the ELCA’s executive board voted to postpone the organization’s convention and gathering until August 2021. The executive board met by video on April 25.

“We are postponing not canceling,” said Linda Post Bushkofsky, executive director of Women of the ELCA.

Staff will be working out final arrangements with the Phoenix businesses and communicating directly with all who are voting members-elect for the convention and who have registered for the gathering.

Postponing the convention means that the current executive board will serve another year until “replacements are elected and installed,” Bushkofsky said. Then, the board elected in 2021 will serve a two-year term.

For the 2023 convention, “we would be back to our three-year cycle. That works best with the churchwide assembly, the youth gathering, and the rostered leaders’ event.”

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What is the difference between the Triennial Convention and Triennial Gathering?

The convention and the gathering are two distinct events.  The convention will precede the gathering and conducts the business of the organization. Triennial Voting Members were elected at Fall Gathering 2018. They are Denise Beumer, Gayle Backiel, Debra Lantz, Diane Spicer, and Lisa Klima. The gathering open to all women is an event that consists of worship, Bible studies, workshops and so much more. 

What is a Voting Member?

Voting members will conduct the business of the Churchwide Organization including elections on the National Board and Officers. Each Synodical Women’s Organization is able to send a set number of voting members (determined by the Churchwide Organization) to the Convention. The Florida-Bahamas Synodical SWO has 5 voting members.

For more information about the nominating process, click here

What does it cost to attend the Triennial Gathering?

Triennial Gathering is open to all women. Expenses for the gathering include:

  • Registration fee ($325 for early bird registration; $375 for regular registration). 

  • Travel expenses, round-trip to Phoenix

  • Hotel 

  • Food

  • Discretionary expenses, including site-seeing trips prior to or following the gathering 

  • Mad money

Start saving now for this wonderful experience.