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Café is an on-line magazine with stories written by bold young women  about faith, relationships, advocacy and more. Readers and writers of Café include pastors, seminary and college students, and other young adult women who use Café as a Bible study resource individually or with a group. Although many women in their 20s and 30s contribute in every issue, Café can be used and shared by women of all ages. 


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Gather is the official magazine of the Women of the ELCA. The magazine contains the women's Bible study, as well as faith-in-life articles, theological reflections, devotions, global mission articles, and human-interest stories. Subscribe online at, by email at, or phone (844) 409-0576. Gather can also be viewed on an iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire with a paid subscription. (10 issues)



Bold Connections is a monthly e-newsletter from the Women of the ELCA that features the latest news and information about programs and activities. Bold Connections is delivered via e-mail on the first of every month.

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Tapestry is the newsletter of the Florida-Bahamas Synodical Women’s Organization of the ELCA.  It contains the latest information about the synodical board, churchwide, programs, and events within our organization. Click here to request an email copy. You are encouraged to share copies with your congregational unit and conference members. (6 issues) 

Click here to download the June 2024 issue of the Tapestry. To access previous editions, click here

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