Fall Gathering

Fall Gathering Highlights

November 10-12, 2017

Lake Yale Baptist Retreat Center

“One bread, One body”
1 Corinthians 10:17
“Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf.”
Gather as One Body of women to worship and praise the Lord.

This year the Fall Gathering was attended by 188 Lutheran women from all over the state of Florida along with 18 youth.  Even the weather cooperated with us with no extreme hot or cold weather in sight at the Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center.  The theme this year “One Bread, One Body” seemed very appropriate during this Reformation celebration.    

The Fall Gathering was opened on Friday afternoon by President Phyllis Wade with a warm welcome and devotions.   The first business sessions consisted of elections to fill several Board openings and other business that is routinely conducted at the annual meeting.  This year’s Fall Gathering saw an increase in the number of youth attendees in which Mary Weeks our Youth Shepard joyfully greeted them all.    

Our Church-wide Representative this year was Lydia Davila from Puerto Rico.  When she left Puerto Rico she still did not have any electricity.   A special offering was given to Lutheran World Relief and Puerto Rico hurricane victims.  Lydia brought a special greeting and a report from the Church-wide body.

A Bible study was led by Sister Michelle Collins from the Synod staff.  She focused on the theme of “One Bread, One Body” and brought up some of the women that have been heroes in the Bible.   Sister Michelle is such a wonderful speaker. 

Most of us know all too well that we can put together what we consider the perfect plan but what usually happens is something goes wrong.  Well we did find ourselves without Music-Leader at the last minute before the Fall Gathering.  Well thanks to Kathy Weinrich on the piano and her son who played the trumpet.  We appreciate you both for stepping up and assisting us with the music. 

On Saturday morning the scholarship recipients, Diana Fajardo and Nicole Eastwood were introduced.  Diana Fajardo was able to attend and was thankful for being chosen as Scholarship recipients.  Due to classroom commitments Nicole Eastwood was not able to attend and presented a video greeting thanking us for chosen her.

Sarah Anderson, Site Director from Luther Springs, presented us with her testimony of how her life journey led her to the camping program from Lexington, Kentucky to Hawthorne, Florida.  I would like to advise each of you to go out and view their Website for upcoming activities for adults as well as youth.

Diane Spicer gave an enthusiastic report of the recent Triennial held in Minneapolis over the summer.  Many women from the Florida Bahamas Synod were able to attend.  She announced the next location as Phoenix, Arizona in three years. 

A special tribute was held to the many women that served in the Armed Forces.  A special gift was presented to each Veteran at the Fall Gathering in observance of Veterans Day.    A round of applause and a standing ovation was given to the veterans in attendance.  We do appreciate your service for our freedom.

A Saturday evening worship service was held with communion.  Pastor Joanie was our Fall Gathering Worship Leader again this year.  In her sermon Pastor Joanie shared insight into the concept of “One Bread, One Body.”  She always adds such touching and down to earth realism in her sermons. 

Later on Saturday evening the Conference Units put together a Reformation Fair, including presentations and games to help us to remember the historic 500 year miracle of the Reformation.  Some of us learned some historical facts about Martin and Katie Luther.   Fun and Games were all Reformation themed with stories and cultural oddities of the time.  I must say Martin Luther appeared to be a lot taller when standing next to me in a photo.   If you are puzzled about what I mean please ask someone that attended the Reformation Fair to share with you what I’m talking about.

Another Offering was presented to Golden Rainbow Ranch which is a non-profit Eco therapy center.  Please visit their Website at https: www.goldenrainbowranch.org

The workshops at the Fall Gathering this year included educational, inspirational, crafts and fun.  If you missed the Fall Gathering this year due to weather or other circumstances we do extend a heart-felt invitation to you for next year.  We miss you!     

The Fall Gathering closed with the Installation of the new SWO Officers and Board Members conducted by our Church-wide Representative Lydia Davila.  She also thanked all the outgoing Officers and Board Members for their service.

Kathy Hoefer and Denise Beumer as Fall Gathering Co-Chairs offer our sincere thanks to all the God-gifted ladies that help make the 2017 Fall Gathering an offering of worship but glory to God.   Thank you. 

By Denise Beumer


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