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SWO Board 2019

President – 2nd year - Tracy Moffatt

Vice President – 2 years – Lisa Klima

Secretary – 2nd years – Donna Person

Treasurer -- 2 years -- Laurie Nelson

Continuing Board Members – 2nd yr – Gayle Backiel

                                                          Debra Lantz             

                                                          Cheryl Semmel

                                                          Karen Weinrich

Elected Board Members –  2 years Denise Beumer relected

                                               Marilyn Keritzinger

                                                                Mae Haines

                                                                Ann Storan 

See Triennial page for Triennial Voting Members                                                 

Appointed Positions:

Linda Greilick             Tapestry Editor

Elaine Heine                Webmaster

Cheryl Semmel            Facebook

Raeann Purcell            Committee on Human Trafficking

Diane Cummings        Registrar

Diane Spicer                Triennial Promoter

Phyllis Wade and Ann English           Co-Chairs Fall Gathering 2019

We will be looking for women like the current board above to be nominated at the 2019 Fall Gathering. God has given each of us various gifts and talents to use in service for Christ. We are looking for Women of the ELCA to accept the challenge and to share their gifts, talents, and skills to serve this organization. Pray about sharing and using your gifts with the Florida-Bahamas Synodical Women's Organization (SWO) and encourage others in your organizations to share their gifts. If you have attended Fall Gathering, served as an officer in your unit or conference you could be who we are looking for. There are three board meetings each year including at Fall Gathering. Each board member has one to two responsibilities. Most business is conducted by email. Attendance at another Spring Gathering than your own conference is needed. Pray about it and step forward. In November we will be electing a president, vice-president, and secretary and three board members. Tracy and Lisa are not eligible for re-election. Donna, Cheryl, Gayle, and Karen are eligible. Debra is eligible for officer but not member.

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