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What has been on your mind lately? What are you passionate about seeing transformed; being made “All Anew”? Why not share how you think we can make a difference and bring change into the world and make a difference in the lives of others with your sisters in Christ? As we prepare for the upcoming Florida-Bahamas Synod Women of the ELCA Fall Gathering in November, this is a good time to create a Resolution! By sharing your concerns, the worry will be lifted off your shoulders and carried simultaneously with your sisters in Christ. Many of us working together, rather than one of us acting alone, can solve more problems.

One part of the November Business Meetings will be the presentation and reading of resolutions. By submitting a resolution for the Fall Gathering, you bring concerns and issues that are important to you, your congregational unit, and/or your faith community as a whole to the attention of the women in attendance. They in turn are made aware of these topics, discuss them, vote on them, and then take them back to their faith communities. One idea can have a ripple effect to improve our world.

Instructions for writing a resolution, a blank resolution form, and a short sample are available below for download with the arrow to the far right. You still have time to draft a resolution, get your Congregational Unit’s approval, and submit before the October 15, 2018 deadline.

Resolutions should be sent to the Chair of the Resolutions Committee, Tina McCloud by email at mccloudac@yahoo.com or by the postal service to Tina McCloud, 1746 63rd Terrace South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.

Or you may e-mail the form to the SWO President Tracy Moffatt at tracymoffatt@aol.com.