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GraceWay Village

The Love Offering for February 1, 2024, to January 31, 2026, will be GraceWay Village in Ft. Pierce. GraceWay Village serves free hot meals 4 nights a week that are served in a drive-thru fashion. They also have six teams that go out into the more hard-to-reach places in the area.

GraceWay Village also serves the community with their boutique that provides clothing to low-income children and teens in the area. Land has been purchased to build a Family Restorative Living Facility. The design of the facility is to provide families a working program to propel them to self-sufficiency.

About GraceWay Village

GraceWay Village is an independent, Christian-based, 501(c)3, nonprofit, human-service agency.  As an Equal Opportunity Provider, GraceWay Village serves everyone regardless of race, religion, sex, or ethnicity, warmly welcoming the participation and support of all its caring neighbors.

For more information, contact our Love Offering Coordinator:

Diane Spicer

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